In most circumstances, they are related to illegal gambling or content, or violating privacy laws, according to Apple. When India banned the app (along with around 60 other Chinese apps) in June 2020, it had local internet providers block access to TikTok’s servers. A Division of NBCUniversal. Directly accessible data for 170 industries from 50 countries and over 1 Mio. Here’s hoping that TikTok and the political systems which have banned it can reach an agreement! The "vast majority" relate to pornography, gambling, and illegal content, Apple says. The United States would not be alone if it were to entirely ban TikTok: India banned TikTok in June , … TikTok has especially been enthusiastically welcomed by many Asian countries such as Cambodia, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Thankfully, there are ways that you can get around this ban if you’re an Indian resident or if you’re currently in the country. facts. Some users may find it hard to stop using TikTok. However, major areas in which TikTok is enjoying success – such as India, Bangladesh, or Indonesia (although the latter did eventually overturn the ban) – have started to take measures against TikTok which mean that you can’t access the app within those territories. © 2020 CNBC LLC. This comes after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said earlier in the week that he was calling on American app stores — which are dominated by Apple and Google — to remove "untrusted" Chinese apps. How To Use TikTok After Ban In India : As we, all know that, government of India banned Tiktok under an interim order, which include 58 other applications that are owned by Chinese companies. Apple CEO Tim Cook addressed app removals in China in 2017 by saying: "We would rather not remove apps, but like we do in other countries we follow the law wherever do we business.". Required fields are marked *. If you are a citizen of one such nation, you won’t be able to access TikTok at all. GreatFire, a nonprofit studying China's national firewall, launched a site called in 2019 that tracks App Store removals in various markets, tallying its own numbers about app takedowns and removals that focuses on total removals, not just removals with official government requests. Tiktok was one of 59 apps that were banned in the country following a border dispute. Unfortunately, if governments do decide to ban the ISPs of apps like TikTok, then you won’t have much recourse and will need to either use proxy servers or simply look for a different app. There is a tendency in the world that TikTok getting banned due to various reasons. Countries such as India have taken the potential threat to security seriously, with them banning over 59 different Chinese apps, including TikTok, back in July. We’d recommend using a VPN if you’re going to do so just to be on the safe side. Several countries have actually started to take action on this and have banned their citizens from accessing TikTok within those countries. It’s not actually an offence to view a website within the Indian subcontinent right now, which means that if you wanted to you could simply navigate to the TikTok website and view it that way. That depends entirely on how ByteDance responds to what’s already gone on. That being the case, if you’ve already got TikTok on your smartphone or tablet, you can continue to access it for now without any restrictions. But the commercial impact on TikTok was greater than the rest combined. Overall, Apple removed 851 apps in the year between July 2018 and June 2019, and the vast majority of requests came from China. We want to hear from you. By far its largest market, India, banned TikTok last week, along with 58 other Chinese apps. Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox. Sadly, if you live in India, you won’t be able to use TikTok. How To Reset Your TikTok Password And Secure Your Account, What Countries Are Banning TikTok, And How To Get Around It. It’s likely that many countries, such as those with particularly restrictive social laws, will look to ban TikTok in the near future. How the TikTok Ban Is Affecting VPN Usage VPN services have always been popular not only because they are able to protect your online privacy, but because some reputable VPN services are able to successfully circumnavigate Geo restrictions . Just to give you an idea of how other apps perform in comparison, it took Instagram six years from its launch to gain the same amount of monthly active users that TikTok managed to achieve in under three years. Although a wide variety of countries make requests, the leader by far in Apple's stats is China, the target of Trump's executive order. In this situation, you’ll need to follow a different approach to get a permanently banned TikTok … Australia was also allegedly thinking of banning the app but has since held back, stating that caution should be exercised instead. TikTok uses some top influencers such as Gabe Erwin, Alan Chikin Chow, James Henry, and Cosette Rinab to encourage viewers to stop using the app and take a break. Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. TikTok was there in news for a while for some wrong reasons. Many other countries around the world routinely ban access to social media applications as well. Global Business and Financial News, Stock Quotes, and Market Data and Analysis. President Donald Trump issued an executive order on Thursday ordering U.S. firms to stop doing business with TikTok and WeChat. What Has TikTok Done To Become So Big So Fast? According to Apple, China accounted for nearly three quarters of the takedown requests between July 2018 and June 2019, and 85% of the apps removed from Apple's App Store during that time period. This encouraged users to take a break every 90 minutes. TikTok and WeChat are immensely popular. You’ll be pleased to know that the vast majority of countries in which TikTok is accessible haven’t banned the app; it’s still available to download in the USA, the UK, and several other places where a lot of its users reside. In a letter to Congress last month, the group said that Apple uses its "walled garden operating ecosystem" to censor the App Store in China and around the world at the government's behest. The Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps, along with TikTok.
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